Stanley LED tripod flashlight review

Stanley LED tripod flashlight review

At first glance, this Stanley LED tripod flashlight (model 95-112) seems like a tool for the garage or workshop, but I’ve found it to be very useful in a variety of outdoor settings, including the campsite, trailer, and boat.

For those who enjoy camping, and may arrive at their campsite after dark, this is an inexpensive way to get light exactly where you need it. Simply expand the tripod base with the push of a single button, angle the 1-LED flashlight head in the direction where you need light, and you’re all set. It is also a great source of light when building a campfire, securing bikes to a trailer, and hitching a trailer to a tow vehicle.

There are a few things I’d improve about this flashlight. First, at only 20 lumens, it is less powerful than many smaller hand-held LED flashlights. It is also rather bulky and heavy. Backpackers and hikers may want to look for brighter, less bulky alternatives. However, note that you can reduce the weight of this flashlight be removing 6 of the 9 AA batteries – which reduces battery life but is said not to reduce the brightness.

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