RV Generators

There may be some instances where you’re planning to camp remotely where electric hookups aren’t available, and an RV generator would come in handy to help power electric appliances such as air conditioners, microwaves, TVs, satellite receivers, radios, or cell phone chargers at your camp site.

Typical applications of RV generators include Class A & Class C motorhomes, travel trailers, sport utility trailers, pop up trailers, fifth wheel trailers, horse trailers, and industrial vehicles.

Look for a fuel efficient model – this will help reduce costs and enable you to use your generator longer in remote locations where extra fuel may not be available.

Generator noise is another important thing to consider. Many campgrounds have restrictions on the amount of noise a generator can produce. Many campgrounds that offer electrical hookups do not permit the use of generators. Some campgrounds have dedicated sites or groups of sites where generators may be used. These and others may have restrictions on hours when generators can be used. Others only permit the use of installed generators – ruling out the use of portable generators entirely.

There are two types of RV generators: onboard (mount permanently inside your trailer or motorhome), and portable. If you do not have a place to install an onboard generator on your RV, you’ll need a portable generator. In this case, you’ll need to think about how you will transport the portable generator. Some choose to carry the generator in the bed of a pickup truck. Others mount the generator to the outside rear of the trailer or motorhome.

RV generators may be gasoline, propane, or diesel powered. A 4000-5000 watt generator should be sufficient to power multiple electrical items at your campsite and onboard your trailer or motorhome.

Some popular makers of RV generators are Generac, Honda, Yamaha, Kipor, and Cummins Onan.

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