Happy “Measure Your Feet” Day

In honor of Measure Your Feet day, and in an effort to combat the cold and snowy winter doldrums a bit, I’m going to review a pair of toddler sandals that I love. I know…thinking about sandals in January? ¬†Well, yes. Thinking about these sandals has me happily dreaming of summer. Won’t you join me?

If you have ever looked for sandals for a toddler, you know that it really is difficult to find ones with good support, that are easy to put on, and that are durable. I really don’t think you need to look any further for sandals for your toddler–the Teva Infant/Toddler Psyclone 1 Sandal is really a perfect sandal for active toddlers.

I have a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter and they both have worn these in warm weather since they could walk. My son has also been known to choose to wear them with socks in cold weather (for example, with his Christmas outfit this past year–not a stunning fashion choice, I admit, but we choose our battles here).

I can’t say enough good about these sandals, but specifically these are the things I like best: My kids both tend to have sweaty feet so buying and wearing sandals can be difficult, slippery and smelly! But these sandals keep their feet dry and we have had no problems with them being stinky. My son has wide feet and these fit great. My daughter has medium width feet and these fit great. They also wear so well that at the end of each season, they look as good as new and can be donated or handed down with no problem at all. They offer enough support so the kids running around is no challenge and they are secure enough to stay on the feet of even the most active toddler. And maybe best of all, they are easy to put on which means they can do it themselves!

I have bought these several years in a row at Cabela’s and my only complaint about them was the lack of color choices (Burnt Olive for boys and Pink for girls). But now that I just found them here on Amazon, I see there are several other color choices (and they are less expensive than I have paid at Cabela’s).

My son has outgrown this sandal now, but I will be trying the Teva Little Kid/Big Kid Psyclone 2 Sandal this year for him. I expect an equally terrific sandal in this “for bigger kids” version of the Psyclone 1.

So there is one less thing off your to-do list–you can stop shopping for toddler sandals. Buy these for your kiddo and you can thank me later!

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