3 Tasty Campfire Recipes – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I enjoy cooking outdoors, and I’m always looking for quick and easy recipes I can make over the campfire.  So I’ve rounded up three hearty meals you and your family will look forward to. They are easy enough that the kids will enjoy helping as well.  You won’t need a fancy camp cooking stove – just the campfire.  These recipes are also great at home made over your backyard fire pit. They are Breakfast in a paper bag, Campfire cheese and spinach enchiladas, and campfire foil packs with chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and potatoes.

Breakfast –Breakfast in a paper bag

  • 1 strip of bacon
  • 1 egg
  • 1 small paper bag
  • 1 pointed stick
  • 2-3 small hash brown potatoes (optional)

Cut the strip of bacon in half and place the strips on the bottom of the paper bag.  If you have hash browns, add them over the bacon. Then break the egg into the sack.  Roll the top of the sack halfway down in 1″ folds and push a stick through the roll at the top of the bag so there’s 3″ or 4″ inches of air at the top of the bag.  Hold the bag a few inches above the coals.  The bottom of the bag will be coated with bacon grease.  Don’t place the bag too close to the coals, or it will catch on fire.  After the egg and bacon are done (8-10 minutes), remove the stick with a towel or oven mitt, roll down the sides of the sack, and enjoy your breakfast.

Lunch – Campfire cheese and spinach enchiladas

This delicious recipe from Camping Cafe incorporates many of my favorites – feta cheese, mexican blend cheese, spinach, onions, and lime. I enjoy mine with extra tabasco sauce and sour cream. The only special accessory you need to prepare this meal is a large metal roasting pan. I sometimes use a cast iron skillet and make the enchiladas one at a time. Link to recipe

Dinner – Campfire foil packs with chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and potatoes

For this recipe from AllRecipes.com you’ll need 1 lb. boneless chicken (cubed), onions, sliced mushrooms (preferably fresh mushrooms), yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, garlic, small potatoes (I use red potatoes), lemon juice, and olive oil. You can substitute just about any vegetables you’d like. Cooking time is lengthy – approximately 40 minutes – but well worth the wait. No special cooking accessories or utensils are needed – just 4 large sheets of aluminum foil.  Link to recipe

4 Gifts for Campers

Need gift ideas for campers? There are a variety of accessories and essentials available for all kinds of camping and all kinds of campers on your list.

The REI Comfort LTG Chair sits low to the ground, making it great for camping, outdoor concerts, and even extra seating in the back yard. It features a low price point ($35) and a built-in pillow.

The Gerber Artifact is a low-price ($10) multi-function tool that includes a razor sharp knife, philips screwdriver, bottle opener, pry bar, wire stripper, and 2 flat head screwdrivers in a small, lightweight package.

No backpack or car camping kit should be without a compact LED flashlight. The Coleman Cree 7090 XR C LED aluminum flashlight ($20) offers a powerful 75 lumen bulb and up to 9 hours of run time with its 3 included AAA batteries.

The highly rated and affordable Katadyn 8013629 Hiker Microfilter ($42) treats large volumes of water, with no pumping required.  A pleated glass fiber element removes bactieria, cysts, and protozoa from the water.

3 Great Places to Camp in Pennsylvania

A popular destination for both Pennsylvanians and out-of-staters living in Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia is the expansive Raystown Lake, which offers opportunities for camping, boating, swimming, and fishing. Located in Huntingdon County in west/central PA, and a short drive from Altoona, the Lake’s 29,000 acres include picnic reas, beaches, trails, and more.

The lake features seven boat launches as well as facilities to rent house boats for a week or the weekend.  Because there is no horsepower limit, Raystown Lake has become popular with pleasure boaters. It’s not uncommon to see larger express cruisers exploring the 28-mile long lake.  Seven Points Marina, the largest marina in Pennsylvania, offers dockage for over 1000 boats.

Known for its natural beauty (the Army Corps of Engineers owns the surrounding land, so there’s very little commercial development), the Lake features dozens of campgrounds with a variety of amenities ranging from trailer and RV hookups, to miniature golf, horseshoes, and wooded walking trails. Many of the campgrounds are pet friendly.

Less than an hour’s drive from Center City Philadelphia and not far from the PA Turnpike is French Creek State Park, this 7,000-plus acre park represents the largest contiguous forest area between Washington, DC, and New York City.  Opportunities at French Creek include swimming, boating (note: electric motors only), fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and hunting, among many other popular activities.  There are 200 camp sites including more than 50 with RV and trailer hookups. A few cottages are available for rentals, and reservations are required.

For those in northern PA, or others wanting a rustic getaway, the 368-acre Colton State Park, located above Pine Creek Gorge in the PA Grand Canyon, is an excellent choice.  Hunting, picnicking, fishing, and camping are all available, as well as snowmobiling in the winter months.  Camp sites are open April through October, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  The overlook offers great views of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  The park is 5 miles south of US Route 6, on Colton Rd.

What is a bear canister?

If you camp in bear county, chances are you’re familiar with the bear canister – a hard sided container used by campers and backpackers to protect food.  In some parks, including Yosemite National Park, bear canisters are required. Bear canisters are becoming more important as bears have begun to live in closer proximity to humans.  The typical bear canister weighs between 2 and 4 lbs. and can store up to a week’s worth of food for the average hiker or camper. Bears cans can be made of polycarbonate, ABS, carbon fiber, or aluminum. Bear can makers often test their products with bears in zoos.

A less effective alternative to the bear can is the “bear bag,” where the camper will place food in a bag, tie a rope to one end, and hoist the bag into a tree. Some parks provide steel boxes that campers can use as an alternative to using bear canisters.

Bear canisters aren’t 100% effective, though. In one case, a bear in the Adirondacks region of New York State figured out how to open several kinds of approved bear cans.

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