Exploring Lima: Top Five Things to See and Do

It doesn’t matter if you have a set itinerary or not, Peru is one of those magical countries where adventure and the unexpected exist around every corner. In other words, you might come to Peru with a plan, but whether you follow that plan or not is a different question. In order to get the most out of the country it is a good idea to keep an open mind. 

Lima is the busy and boisterous capital of Peru, and it is often called the City of Kings. The place is notorious for its coastal fog and big city atmosphere, so before you start trekking through the streets to see the tourist sites, be sure to pause a minute and take it it all in. Part macho sprawl, part laid-back coastal city, Lima is as unique a capital as you will ever find. Here are five must see attractions to get you started on your tour of the City of Kings. 

A Historic Plaza

The Plaza de Armas is the historic centre of Lima. In 1535, this is where Francisco Pizarro founded the city. Highlights of the area include the Cathedral de Lima, Palacio de Gobierno and the Lima City Hall. Be sure to check out the colonial fountain in the centre of the square. 

The Lineage of Lima

Lima is bursting with museums that specialize in both pre-Columbian and post-colonial periods. From the Museo Larco, which features mummies and erotic art, to the Museo de la Nacion, which is Peru’s equivalent to the British Museum, all sorts of artistic treasures can be found in Lima. There is even a museum devoted to bullfighting.

Majestic Monasteries

The San Francisco Monastery is the most well-known religious building in Lima. While its Baroque architecture and gilded altars are beautiful, the monastery’s real claim to fame is its catacombs. 

Bustling Bars

Most modern cities have an upscale area that is filled with trendy bars and restaurants. Lima is no different. Whether you want to get something to eat or go dancing, you will find entertainment and nightlife in the Miraflores district. A short walk from Miraflores you will find the waterfront, which is known as El Malecon. The ocean views are spectacular. There is a coastal path, so this is also the ideal place to rent a bike. 

A Fishy Experience…

You can’t visit Peru without stopping in one of Lima’s cevicherias. A mix of raw fish, onions and chilli peppers marinated in lime, ceviche is Peru’s national dish. If you like seafood, then you need to indulge in this mouth-watering speciality. Over the past five years, Lima has become the foodie capital of Latin America, and ceviche is the stand out dish.

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100 Ways to Go Green

100 ways to go greenWe challenged ourselves to create the ultimate go-green list.  Going green can have many benefits.  In addition to saving energy, reducing impact on the environment, and enhancing your health and lifestyle, going green can also save you a lot of cash.  You don’t have to spend tens of thousands on a new Prius or thousands replacing all your appliances with Energy Star models (though these upgrades made our list); there are dozens of things you can do to go green every day without spending a nickel.

List of 100 Ways to Go Green

1 – Work from home.

2 – Use fluorescent light bulbs.

3 – Drive the speed limit.

4 – Switch to a hybrid car.

5 – Carpool with a friend or neighbor.

6 – Take your vacation at home.

7 – Reuse your grocery bags.

8 – Turn off your lights.

9 – Contact your energy company about installing energy saving device on your HVAC system.

10 – Install Low-E film on your windows.

11 – Use reusable containers instead of plastic baggies for your lunch.

12 – Compost food waste and recycle it as fertilizer.

13 – Install ceiling fans.

14 – Set your thermostat to a warmer setting in the summer time.

15 – Set your thermostat to a cooler setting in the winter time.

16 – Buy from local farmers.

17 – Invest in reusable shopping bags.

18 – Use reusable water bottles instead of buying disposable plastic.

19 – Turn off your computer and TV when you’re not using them.

20 – Post unwanted items on Freecycle or Craigslist, rather than throwing them out.

21 – Check Freecycle and Craigslist before you buy.

22 – Fix leaky toilets and faucets.

23 – Use a window fan instead of an air conditioner.

24 – Air-dry your laundry.

25 – Take shorter showers.

26 – Donate outgrown kids’ clothes.

27 – Install water efficient shower heads.

28 – Use low-VOC paint.

29 – Replace paper filters with reusable coffee filters.

30 – Replace old toilets with low-flow models.

31 – Replace old appliances with Energy Star rated appliances.

32 – Use a dishwasher instead of hand washing your dishes.

33 – Take your leftovers home and eat them.

34 – Take a green building training course online.

35 – Recycle electronics.

36 – Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

37 – Keep your tires inflated to save gas.

38 – Print on both sides of the page to save paper.

39 – Pay your bills online.

40 – Make rags out of old t-shirts.

41 – Buy frequently-used items in bulk.

42 – Send an e-card instead of a paper card.

43 – Sign up to have your paycheck direct deposited.

44 – Use the air dryer instead of paper towels in a public restroom.

45 – Read newspapers and magazines online.

46 – Install dimmer switches.

47 – Donate your old cell phone.

48 – Turn your car off instead of letting it idle.

49 – Heat your home with renewable fuel such as wood.

50 – Ride a bike instead of taking the car.

51 – Consolidate errands into one trip per week.

52 – Take public transportation.

53 – Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth.

54 – Replace leaky faucets.

55 – Teach your children to turn off the lights.

56 – Use smaller appliances like toaster oven and microwave when you cook.

57 – Think twice before you print.

58 – Use non-toxic cleaning products such as vinegar.

59 – Replace carpets with hard surface material such as ceramic or bamboo, a renewable wood.

60 – Use recycled paper if you have to print.

61 – Remove yourself from junk mail lists.

62 – Cancel your land line.

63 – Plant native plants in your garden.

64 – Plant perennials rather than annuals.

65 – Use an old-fashioned push mower.

66 – Harvest rainwater and use to water landscaping.

67 – Use coreless bath tissue.

68 – Water your lawn and plants early in the morning to reduce evaporation.

69 – Use motion sensor faucets and lights.

70 – Seek out tax credits for energy saving items such as your next appliance.

71 – Check your energy company for rebates on Energy Star appliances.

72 – Install a skylight for more natural light.

73 – Organize a yard sale.

74 – Use air filters to improve indoor air quality.

75 – Send e-invitations instead of using snail mail.

76 – Seek out eco-friendly vacation spots.

77 – Attend a seminar on going green.

78 – Use bar soap instead of soap from a bottle.

79 – Organize a clothing swap.

80 – Scrape dishes rather than rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher.

81 – Reduce wrapping paper – use scarves, bandannas, or tea towels.

82 – Reuse your tea bag before throwing it out.

83 – Wash only full loads of laundry.

84 – Consider green web hosting for your next website project.

85 – Make a shopping list, and stick to buying only those items.

86 – Hand wash your clothes instead of dry cleaning.

87 – Clean out your car and trunk to reduce unnecessary weight.

88 – Eat vegetarian at least once a week. Vegetables require less energy to produce than meat.

89 – Start a telecommuting program for others at work.

90 – Plant draught-tolerant plants.

91 – Use a “smart” power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts the power.

92 – Wash your clothes in cold water.

93 – Run full dishwasher loads.

94 – Use the right size pot on your stove to reduce energy waste.

95 – Filter your water instead of buying bottled water.

96 – Clean your dryer lint screen so your dryer can run more efficiently.

97 – Unplug cell phone chargers.

98 – Eat fresh fruits and veggies rather than canned.

99 – Download music and movies.

100 – Donate to an environmental group.

75 Amusing and Crazy Boat Names

ideas for boat namesYou named your boat what?!

You wake up early. You have tote bags packed with sunscreen and lunch. You drive to the dock and there she is. Your beautiful boat named…? Where did you get that idea for a boat name? Did you choose something safe and normal or something unique and a little absurd?

Here is a list of the 75 of the craziest and most amusing boat names found on the Chesapeake from A-Z:

Amusin’ Cruisin’
Another Fine Mess
Attention Deficit
Beans & Rice
Blow Me
Bow Movement
Canned Heat
Chicken Tender
Clueless ?
Crime Pays
Dip Ship
Don’t Ask
Escape Hatch
Extreme Wet Dream
For Reel!
Fuzzy Goose
Gotta Wizz
Hunky Dory
It’ll Do
It’s Mine
Just Add Water
Knot Guilty
Liquid Asset
Low Water N’ High Rent
Manitee at War
Mental Fatigue
Minumum Workload
Miss’n Link
Missin’ Work
Mixed Company
Moment of Insanity
Money Floats
No Adult Supervision
No Name
Occupational Hazard
Porta Party
Pups in Paradise
Quick Decision
Ready, Set. Fish
Reality Check
Recovery Room
Rub A Tug Tug
Same Old Boat
Scrap Metal
Sea Sic
Stupid Boat
Toy 4 Us
Valley Boy
Welfare Fraud
What’s Left
What Next?
Which One?
Whine Cooler
Xtremely Board
Yesterday’s Sweat

So whether you’re trying to vent your frustration at putting all that money into a boat or you’re trying to get a laugh out of your nautical neighbors, an unusual boat name can do the trick. Whatever you choose to name your boat, just make sure that you put a good deal of thought into it. A boat is a big investment like a house or a car. You will have it for years and you want to be able to look at it fondly and not be embarrassed or sick of the outdated name you chose for it during your purchasing enthusiasm.

Some advice from boat owners is to choose the mood of the boat. Why did you get the boat? For fun? For relaxation? To get away on your own? To get away with your family? The mood of the boat plays a big part in the name because the name will describe your boat to you or anyone else who steps onto it. Next, you should choose a name that has meaning to you. Whether it describes your ambitions in another language or is the name of your lover, your boats name should say something special to you.

Another key tip that boat owners give is to be careful when naming your boat something comical like some of the names listed above. Make sure that the comedy is there to entertain you, and not everyone else. You have to still like the name of your boat for years to come. Last, but not least, when you have come up with the perfect name for your boat type it into the computer and see what comes up. As unique as you may think you are, there could be thousands of other people with the same boat name. If this doesn’t bother you then great, but if you are looking to be original, check out what others have done. If you still like a boat choice, try personalizing it by adding your name onto the boat name, ex. Sarah’s Paradise. Whatever you choose, if it means something to you, it will be a good name for your boat.

Solar Flare and Northern Lights Tonight February 17th

Solar flares February 17 2011

Massive solar flares erupting for nearly a week could cause spectacular aurora tonight, February 17th, 2011, and through the weekend.  As a result, Northern Lights could be visible as far south in the U.S. as Washington, DC.

According to authorities, the solar flares are already causing communications disruptions in China.  The flares effected short-wave radio communications in southern China.

Scientists are calling it the strongest flare in four years. The flares are being released from a sunspot more than 62,000 miles across, or eight times the width of the earth.

X-class flares can cause radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms.

A major solar disruption in 1973 left six million people in the dark in the east central part of the province of Quebec, Canada.

If you live in northern regions and have a clear night, you may want to grab a lawnchair and keep and stay up for the show.

6 U.S. Presidents who enjoyed the outdoors

Starting with the very first President of the United States, George Washington, many Presidents have enjoyed the outdoors.  Here are a few of them who enjoyed their outdoor pursuits with passion.

George Washington (President 1789-1797) enjoyed fishing and riding horses.  It is said he enjoyed fishing so much that he kept a a small tackle box in his pocket so he’d be able to fish at a moment’s notice, even during his Presidency.  The waters of the Patomac River were filled with shad, said to be one of his favorite fish, and he also ran a business that exported fish to Britain and the Carribean.

Chester Arthur, the 21st President (1881-1885), who was born in Fairfield, Vermont, was an avid fisherman.  A lawyer by training, he was known to take fishing excursions. One of them, documented in the New York Times on June 26, 1885, in Canada, at the Restigouche Fishing Club (a.k.a. Restigouche Salmon Club), which is famous for its Salmon fishing and to this day remains a favorite fishing destination for the elite.

Even before his heroics in the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant (18th President of the U.S., from 1869-1877) was known for his horsemanship.  His father owned horses, and he learned to relate horses at a very early age.  He was a daring horseman who loved to ride at top speed, and he earned money by transporting passengers using his family’s team of horses.

Herbert Hoover (31st U.S. President, from 1929-1933), who was born in West Branch, Iowa, enjoyed fishing and the outdoors so much that he built a remote camp that served as his retreat during his presidency. A precursor to Camp David, Rapidan Camp (also called Camp Hoover and “Brown House”), served as the first couple’s rustic retreat while they served in Washington, DC.  While there at the 164 acre retreat, Hoover and his wife Lou Henry Hoover enjoyed fly fishing and horseback riding.  Their guests at Rapidan included Charles Lindburgh, Theodore Roosevelt, and inventor Thomas Edison.

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States (1981-1989), along with his wife Nancy Reagan, enjoyed horseback riding and horses, especially Arabian horses. Rancho del Cielo, a 688-acre ranch northwest of Santa Barbara, California, served as the Reagans’ vacation home and a place where they enjoyed trail riding on their Arabian horses.

Perhaps the most famous outdoorsman among U.S. Presidents was Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt, who enjoyed fishing and hunting.  He was also a wildlife conservationist and lifelong member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  The 26th President (1901-1909) owned many Winchesters and was known to hunt bison, buck, rabbit, grouse, teal, and grizzly bear, among others.  He hunted not only in North America but was also known to go on safari in Africa.  He was so passionate about hunting that immediately after the inauguration of his successor, William Howard Taft, Roosevelt left for an expedition in Africa to hunt on safari and collect specimens for the Smithsonian.

Westminster Dog Show 2011

The 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will take place February 14-15, 2011.

Westminster Dog Show

2,500 dogs from all 179 breeds an varieties recognized by American Kennel Club will participate. The event is known as a “conformation show” which judges dogs based on how well they conform to expectations of their particular breed.

The 2010 award for Best in Show went to “Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot,” a.k.a. “Sadie,” a Scottish Terrier owned by Amelia Musser.

The first show took place on May 8, 1877, and was originally focused on gun dogs – pointers and setters. Hunters brought their dogs for show, and prizes included items such as pearl handled pistols.

The 2011 event will take place in Madison Square Garden, New York, NY.

Super Bowl Commercials – Our vote for best and worst of 2011

Congrats to the World Champion Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl XLV victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here are our votes for best and worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2011.

BestSuper Bowl Darth Vader Commercial for Volkswagen Passat.

WorstKia Optima One Epic Ride Super Bowl Commercial for Kia Optima sedan.

Which were your favorites?

February 9-13 boat and RV shows

Looking for a new boat or RV? Interested in checking out the latest accessories? Here are the major boat and RV shows the weekend of February 9-13.

St. Louis Boat & Sportshow – February 9-13, 2011

Minneapolis/St. Paul RV, Vacation, and Camping Show – February 10-13, 2011

Richmond (VA) Camping RV Expo – February 11-13, 2011

Las Vegas (NV) Sportsmen’s RV and Travel Show – February 11-13, 2011

Cowboys Stadium Snow and Ice Falling

Sheets of snow and ice fell like an avalanche from Cowboys Stadium dome roof today, injuring as many as 6, one of the critically.

The temperature rose and snow began to melt for the first time today after a snow storm hit the Dallas, Texas, area earlier this week.

The $1.15 billion stadium, which is located in Arlington, Texas, seats 80,000 making it the 4th largest among NFL venues. It is home to the Dallas Cowboys and is also used for college football games, as well as large entertainment events such as concerts. The stadium has a retractable roof and boast the world’s largest high definition screen, which spans from 20 yard line to the 20 yard line.

Puppy Bowl 2011 – Animal Planet

Puppy Bowl 2011, the seventh annual Puppy Bowl, will be broadcast on Animal Planet at 3 pm EST on February 6, right before Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Puppy Bowl 2011 will feature footage of puppies playing in a model stadium. Football-style commentary is used to describe the puppies’ actions on the field.

puppy bowl 2011

The event is intended to highlight puppy shelters and encourage people to adopt from a shelter. All the puppy participants are four months old or younger.

For the first time, viewers will be able to see the action from the puppy’s point of view via the new Puppy Cam.

Harry Kalas, longtime Philadelphia Phillies play-by-play announcer, narrated the first five Puppy Bowls. The 2010 Puppy Bowl was dedicated to Kalas, who died on April 13, 2009.

The last four Puppy Bowls have been refereed by Andrew Schenchter, a.k.a. The Ref, who is a coordinating producer for Animal Planet.

Here are some highlights from Puppy Bowl 2010 and an update on Jake, the event’s MVP winner, and who’s preparing for a career as a canine entertainer.

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